From January to December, we organise a really interesting social programme, just to introduce you to the city and get you out and about in an informal atmosphere. Outings are every couple of weeks. A recent programme included:

  • a Royal Mile tour (free)
  • a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens (free)
  • a Conan Doyle-themed visit to the Medical Museum at Surgeons’ Hall (£5 entry + £5 for beer tasting)
  • a visit to South Queensferry (£4.70 bus ticket).
In addition to the ticket price, you can decide whether to have a coffee or a beer with the group towards the end of the visit.


Typical Social Programme. From September to June

Week 1
Guided Tour of historical Grassmarket area, with beer-tasting in pub
Tour: free. £5 for beer-tasting
Week 3
Museums of Scotland
Tour: free. Money for bus and coffee after tour.
Week 5
Scotch Whisky Experience: Royal Mile visitor attraction, with tour and whisky-tasting
Week 7
Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes-themed tour, including Edinburgh University Medical Faculty & Medical Museum
£6.50 for museum
Week 8
End-of-term party in school
Social Programme
Social Programme
Social Programme