You’ve sent the registration form and deposit, and received the offer from the Caledonian Language School. You’ve got the address of your host family, and their contact details. What next? Please read the Payment document, for information about when to pay the rest of the fees.

If you need a visa, apply in plenty of time. Please read our guide to this, and the latest information on the UK Government website:

Your offer letter will tell you to arrive at the school at 09.00 or 09.30am. When you arrive, you’ll do the placement test, get your timetable and meet your teacher. You’ll have the opportunity to finish any administration, and to ask any questions about the school, or living in Edinburgh.

On the first day of the course, you’ll have an Induction, to introduce you to the school and its facilities. You’ll do a variety of activities in class to practise English, and to let the teacher observe your strengths and weaknesses. The teacher will ask you to do a piece of writing during the first week. You’ll get the book which you’ll use in class, and start getting homework – possibly on the first night.

You’ll get to know your teachers and your classmates. If the teacher thinks you may need to change level, s/he will speak to you about this. You can also speak to the Principal, if you are not sure about your level.

The Social Organiser usually leads a visit to a place of interest in the city centre during the first week – typically a Royal Mile or Grassmarket tour. This gives you a chance to get to know the city, and to meet students from other classes in the school.

You may feel very tired in the first week. It may be a few years since you’ve studied intensively, and it’s surprising how tired it can make you. If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation, you have to find out how everything works, and buy all your own food, and get into a routine. If you’re looking for a flat, this also takes a lot of energy, and can take more than one week, especially in July to September.

After about 10 days, you’ll feel as if you’ve been in Edinburgh for a long time. You’ll know your way around, and can focus on your studies, and still have time to enjoy the city. Coming to school every day and doing regular homework means that you are progressing with your English, and starting to feel more confident. If you have an examination planned, you’ll be borrowing books from the school to do extra practice to prepare for the exam.

It’s also a good time to get together with other students, and plan a trip to the Highlands, and maybe the Isle of Skye

It’s the last week of the course – already. You have a final test in class, and you get a certificate (if you have attended 80% of classes) and progress report. The progress report will show any particular strengths, and recommend what you should study next.

On the last day of the 8-week course, there’s a party, when you’ll take part in a competition, and probably have to use your creativity to help your team win. It’s a chance to take some photos, say goodbye to your teachers, and exchange contact details with your friends. Some of our first students are still in touch with the school and each other, 3 years after leaving.

Stay in touch! Follow our Facebook , and let us know what’s happening with you. If you need a reference in the future, we can usually provide this, if you have finished a course and had a progress report.