The Caledonian Language School would like to welcome Karen, a University of Edinburgh masters student, who has spent the last week at our school performing research.

Karen’s MSc dissertation research is on the attitudes of part-time adult L2 learners towards collaborative learning in an L2-immersion environment. It adopts a mixed methodology involving classroom observations, questionnaires and interviews. There are two purposes for this research: 1. to find out part-time adult L2 learners’ attitudes towards collaborative learning; 2. to potentially offer suggestions to the language school based on the data analysis. Students have been reassured that all interviews and questionnaires will remain anonymous.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Karen’s research. They were asked to answer questionnaires and participate in interviews. It has given our students a fantastic opportunity to improve their spoken English through extra speaking practise. It has been a pleasure to work with Karen on this project and we wish her all the best on completing her Master’s course.


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Yuanting Li (English name: Karen), coming from Northwest China, is a student from MSc Language Teaching Programme in the University of Edinburgh. Before studying in Edinburgh, Karen was an English teaching in Top International English in Shenzhen, China