We have asked our students to describe their experience at the Caledonian Language School. The result? Have a read below and stay tuned for some more:


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My name is Margaux and I am 16 years old. I am doing a five-day English course in Edinburgh with my English class from Switzerland. I have been to the Caledonian Language School for 4 days, from 9:00am to 1:30pm. Then, I visited Edinburgh with my classmates and my teacher.



Edinburgh is a wonderful city to visit! I really appreciate the old buildings, especially in the Old Town. My favourite places that i visited are the Old Town, the Castle, Camera Obscura and Greyfriar Bobby. However, the only negative point I realised about Edinburgh is that everything I’d eaten so far was fried!


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Edinburgh’s weather is quite the same as in Switzerland, even if at the moment the temperature is slightly higher in Edinburgh. The contrasts between Scotland and Switzerland aren’t huge, despite the fact that we don’t eat so much fried food and there are only 7000 inhabitants in my town!



blog 2At the beginning, I was afraid of the distances between my host family and the centre of the town, but it is actually ok. I had heard that the Scottish accent was really difficult to understand, but luckily, I understood people well! I will keep great memories from this trip, I spent really nice moments with my friends in this beautiful city.

The top tip I would give? Take time to go to the Old Town and enjoy its old and beautiful buildings!”