IMG_0739Why did I choose Scotland? I’m addicted to travel and learning about new cultures. I’d already been to London and Dublin so I thought that studying English in Edinburgh would be a good idea.

All I knew about this country was thanks to TV series such as Outlander or movies like Braveheart. In short, I only knew the romantic and warlike vision of Scotland (Highlands, whisky and clans.) But now, after I have been living here for six weeks, I can tell you that Edinburgh is all that I said before and much more. It has wild nature, friendly and open people, crazy weather and an accent which is not so difficult to understand.

Can I give you some advice? When you arrive, you should look for an academy to study English. I improved my English in a few weeks thanks to the Caledonian Language School. The teachers have patience and they are friendly. Try not to interact with people of your nationality and having fun with your classmates is a good idea.

IMG_1731Also, I decided to live with a Scottish girl. It was one of my best decisions. I practise English at home every day and we spend our free time with her friends, e.g. concerts, pubs, dinners at home or travelling. Another way to practise the language is using an app. One of my Scottish friends advised me to use ‘Meetup’. Thanks to this app I can make new friends and play Frisbee or board games with them.

Ah, I forgot to tell you something: you should also do some voluntary work for a charity. It’s a good way to meet people, practise the language and do good work for the local community. I volunteered for an association that helps people with disabilities. I work as an education support worker in a house two weekends a month.

Well, I hope to see you soon in Edinburgh!


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Written by Alejandra Anduijar Martinez, student at The Caledonian Language School.