DSCN0234I attended Caledonian Language School during spring 2016. My purpose was to improve my level of English and gain more confidence in speaking it. I had a good starting level, at least in grammar and written English, but I wasn’t able to speak in every situation without getting a bit embarrassed, especially in formal (and important) situations.

Speaking with the principal before formally subscribing, she advised me to attend the CAE Preparation Evening Course and, with hindsight, I admit it was the exact thing that I needed.

CAE stands for Cambridge Advance Exam, a certification widely accepted around the world as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. The preparation and the test itself are divided into 4 fundamental parts: Reading and the Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking, in fact covering the whole variety of language practical uses and functions.

JOSE LUIS CEZON GARCIAI learnt a lot of things. For example, I learnt how to write a formal proposal, which can be of great importance in several job environments and is an effective language skill. And I learnt about subjunctive clauses: honestly, if I could always speak my mind, I would probably always use subjunctive clauses. I am not very confident about those yet, but at least I know exactly how they work in English.

The lessons were fast-paced and never boring. The teacher was great; always crystal clear in her instructions and explanations. She was friendly but gave us a lot of home-working and wanted us to meet strict deadlines. Following her instructions, we worked on all the linguistic parts I have listed above. We worked hard, but in the end it was worth it. I could definitely see that my level of English had improved. I was really satisfied with the result, so I have no doubt in my mind about recommending Caledonian Language School.





Written by Clara Bigatti, student at the Caledonian Language School




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