Edinburgh is a wonderful student city, with 4 universities and the biggest further education college in Scotland. It’s also very cosmopolitan, and open to visitors of all nationalities. There are opportunities for sport and the outdoors, culture & the arts, and of course, pubs, bars, restaurants and night clubs – something for everyone, at every time of the day or night!

One of the main things that students comment on is how friendly the school is. We want to create a comfortable environment, so that students can relax and learn well. Teachers are friendly, and are interested in students’ progress. The office staff can deal with most problems not related to study, for example, finding a doctor or dentist, advice on accommodation or finding a job, or following your own sport while you’re in Edinburgh.

The school is open for students even when they don’t have classes, so that they can carry on studying English in the self-access room, or using a classroom to practise listening. Computers are open access, so that everyone can keep in touch with friends and family at home. There’s also free wi-fi, if you want to Skype using your own lap-top or tablet.